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Preventing Global Blindness, Sustainably

Retina Global provides retina care to those in need through the help of volunteers.

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Sustainable solutions for retinal disease management around the world

What We Do


Clinical Care

Our volunteers travel to underserved areas and provide advanced retinal care to patients. 



We sponsor 1-2 local ophthalmologists to receive advanced retinal training in eligible institutions, following which they return and provide care to patients, while also training others.



We provide instruments and infrastructure help to the regions we work in, thus making sure that the trained doctor has enough resources at hand to continue to provide retinal care.

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How does it work?

Trained Retina Specialists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other places volunteer their time and expertise to travel to the areas we are currently working in.

These retina specialists travel for a week at a time. Different people travel throughout the year, thus providing better supportive coverage for patients where there was none before.

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Volunteer Opportunites

Constantina Rocha, Bolivia

(translated from Spanish) “Thanks to Retina Global, I regained my sight. I am able to do work around the house independently and also help my daughter with her work. This is a new lease on life. Thank you so much."

Felix Ndung’u, Kenya

"Grateful to the Retina Global team for the hard work to help people see. Their tireless efforts have brought light into the lives of many, including mine."

Alex Hernández, CA, USA

“I am thankful to the team of Retina Global and Orange County Eye Project for their help with treating my eye due to damage from diabetes. The doctors and others have not only helped me preserve my sight, but also encouraged me to take care of my diabetes. ”

Your donation makes a difference!

Your support is instrumental in our mission to make a meaningful impact. Every contribution, regardless of its size, brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of restoring sight to those in need.


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